Anomalous. Different. Dubious. Flaky. Fishy. Strange. Uncanny. Weird. In short: Queer

The artworks on display in this exhibition are not self-portraits, nor portraits of those who deliberately have the tendency to dislike or censure queerness, but rather fictional portraits honouring those who have been often marginalized due to their queer appearance.

The distortions seen in the portraits ought to be perceived as a suggestion of a melted mask unable to discern between inner or outer.

Each portrait is a queer depiction of the human figure whose sources of inspiration were images from social media and other means of communication. Images that served me as a base to compose some anomalous, flaky, strange, weird, different, dubious, uncanny, and fishy portraits that display their queerness as a banner clear for all to see.

Abnormaal. Afwijkend. Dubieus. Getikt. Verdacht. Vreemd. Geheimzinnig. Zonderling. Kortom: Queer

De kunstwerken die in deze tentoonstelling worden getoond zijn zelfportretten, noch portretten van mensen die de neiging hebben om queerness af te keuren. Integendeel, de portretten zijn ode aan hen die gemarginaliseerd worden vanwege hun uiterlijk of persoonlijkheid.

De vervormingen in de portretten moeten worden opgevat als een masker dat begint te smelten waardoor niet langer onderscheid gemaakt kan worden tussen het innerlijk en uiterlijk.

What does Art and Food taste like?

Being an artist and a cook might at first seem a strange combination. But on reflection the fusion of roles makes sense. Working either in a studio or in a kitchen requires creativity, sustainability, sensibility, discipline and the skill of dealing with diversity. Colours are like cooking ingredients; so combining a palette of colours on an empty canvas is like blending an array of different ingredients in an empty bowl or pan. Each colour as well as each single ingredient has its own character, function, taste, smell, texture, etc. Since artworks and dishes are brought to life for others to enjoy, I feel that being a cook and an artist is caring for those we love. Therefore, either in the studio or in the kitchen, my aim as I create is to deliver a compelling work of art; catchy, surprising and appealing to our human faculties such as sight, smell, hearing, taste or touch; in such a way that we shall be both satisfied and eager for more.

New Works

Reconnecting Taste and Art


Podium Mozaïek, Amsterdam

Bos en Lommerweg 191

1055 DT Amsterdam


5 March - 5 May 2020

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Blue Longing


Blueprint Brazil


The Hidden World.....

The Conscious Cook